Gaylord’s high-flying, two-day airshow, Wings Over Northern Michigan, celebrates its 10th anniversary this Father’s Day Weekend (June 15–16). We check in with Gaylord Regional Airport Director Matt Barresi about this year’s can’t-miss attractions.

  1. Aftershock Jet Fire Truck – Picture a vintage, cherry red fire truck with jet engines that can go more than 360 mph and fire breathing exhaust stacks. Yes, you read that right.
  2. US Navy Legacy F18 Demo – The Hornet is the principal aircraft carrier fighter plane of the US Navy and was designed as both a fighter and attack aircraft.
  3. Superstar Skip Stewart – Skip makes planes do things they should not be able to do—like fly sideways. Seriously, you’ve got to check out a video on YouTube.
  4. Shell-Camino Monster Truck – Take a ride in this 9,500-pound beast. It’ll be the most fun you have all day.
  5. Czech Mate Squadron – New at the airshow this year, the highly modified L-39 Albatros and the jet demo team will perform an amazing airborne ballet.
  6. Gibby’s Fries – Get a bucket—yes, an actual bucket—of these freshly cut, deep-fried beauties. Top with cheese or a dash of vinegar and pair with an elephant ear.
  7. Luxury Sports Cars – Drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini as fast as you can. With top speeds of 200 mph, you’ll be pinned to the seat by the G-force. (Rather be on the passenger side? A professional driver will do the rest.)
  8. The Extra 300 – A truck vs. plane grudge match is set between Pilot Michael Vaknin flying Extra 300 and the Aftershock Jet Fire Truck.
  9. B-17 Flying Fortress – Known as the aircraft that liberated Europe during World War II, the B-17 is a four-engine heavy bomber. It’ll be on the ground and open for tours, along with a B-25, C-47, A-4, T-6 and many others!
  10. Helicopter Rides – Take to the skies for incredible views of the airshow and the surrounding area.

Go to for parking tips, what to bring and other handy event information—portable lawn chairs and sunscreen are both a must. Get tickets to Wings Over Northern Michigan at

Photo(s) by Daniel Oswalt