Design Dance Studio in Traverse City is thrilled to present “Bloom, a Spring Showcase of Dance” at Central High School Auditorium* May 11 at 2 and 7 p.m.

Bloom is two shows featuring the Baby Bee young dancer program and the Design Dance Company, a 24 member elite team. Performances in contemporary, ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop will all be showcased at the family-friendly event with choreography by Veronica Woods, Madelaine Mitchell-Ward, Abby Niessink, Lisa Reehorst, Marisa Woods and Melissa Ray.

Dancers ages 3–15 are eager to show audiences everything they’ve learned and the community they’ve helped create during this inaugural year at Design Dance Studio. “I am beyond excited to close out Design’s first year by some of the kindest, most powerful women in my life,” says Kilee Millar, a Teen Elite DDC member. “I can’t wait for everyone to see Bloom and experience the passion and goodness that Design Dance has to offer.”

Design Dance Studio’s mission is to provide young artists with high-quality movement education in an inclusive and community-based environment that encourages them to explore their own creativity and realize their potential.

This year, the elite team members of Design Dance Company have worked toward creating art through movement that reaches beyond the studio walls or regional conventions that they attend. Emphasis on local events, such as Battle for the Cure, Elk Rapid Harbor Days, TC Light Parade, Leelanau Uncaged and Dance Leelanau, has brought DDC dancers closer to their community. “It is so humbling to have the opportunity to share the gift of dance with the community, and seeing the way it affects others is something that cannot be explained,” Millar says.

*Not a TCAPS affiliated event.

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