The merry glow from the lights on the town Christmas tree, located in front of Holy Childhood of Jesus Church, have welcomed rosy-cheeked, bundled-up visitors to Harbor Springs since 1915. Spend an entire weekend just wandering the shops. Here’s a peek at the gifts you’ll find.

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Freshwater Pearl Wrist Wrapping Bracelets | $100 each
Elizabeth Blair Fine Pearls, Harbor Springs, 231.526.7500

Woman’s Leopard Sperrys | $85
Propellers, Harbor Springs, 231.526.6885

Wool & Fur Hat by Linda Richards | $105
Hilda of Harbor, 231.526.6914

Wool & Fur Gloves by Linda Richards | $85
Hilda of Harbor, 231.526.6914

Irish Boat Shop Mug | $9.95
Irish Boat Shop, Harbor Springs, 231.526.6225

A Dozen Cookies in a Gift Tin, $25.95
Tom’s Mom’s Cookies, Harbor Springs, 231.526.6606

Vintage Pearl Necklace by French Kande | $345
Hilda of Harbor, 231.526.6914

Stormy Kromer Dog Outfit | Hat $35; Coat $45
The Outfitter, Harbor Springs, 231.526.2621

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Photo(s) by Graham Real Estate