This local smoked butter will change the way you cook.

From her storybook-farm in Kingsley, Sue Kurta, founder, owner and head cheesemaker at Boss Mouse Cheese, has helped pioneer Northern Michigan’s small but luscious artisanal-cheese industry. Kurta’s cheese, handmade using milk from Traverse City’s Moomers dairy, has garnered legions of fans—fans whose need-for-cheese turned (also) to butter when she began cold-smoking creamy butter chunks in applewood smoke.

What should you do with this dreamy and totally Northern Michigan delicacy? Anything your heart desires. Here are some ways to use it that will help stoke your cravings.

  • Slather on good bread
  • Spread on corn on the cob
  • Drizzle on squash
  • Sauté mushrooms
  • Scramble eggs
  • Melt it on popcorn
  • Caramelize onions
  • Top a baked potato
  • Baste a butter burger or steak
  • Fry hashbrowns

Boss Mouse Smoked Butter also comes vegan and salt-free. Find out where to purchase it, including how to order it online at

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Photo(s) by Dave Weidner