September means the start of peak harvest season for Northern Michigan farmers and nothing captures the essence of late summer like juicy heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, freshly plucked peaches and culinary herbs. These farms have the best.

Heirloom Tomatoes
Second Spring Farm | 7155 Hoxie Rd., Cedar | 231.944.8946
Second Spring is a staple among tomato cognoscenti for their big brandywines and sweeter-than-thou Sungold cherry tomatoes. Eat raw with sea salt, chunk them into Panzanella or Caprese salads or layer into your wildest BLT fantasy.

Where to find them:
» Sara Hardy Downtown Farmers Market
» Glen Arbor Farmers Market

Sweet Corn
Hall Farms | 8118 N. Long Lake Rd., Traverse City | 231.946.2985
Traverse City’s Hall family grows some of the sweetest cobs in the county. Channel these sugary kernels into summer salads and salsas, roast un-shucked over a hot grill or shave into sweet corn risotto. (Be sure to check their Facebook page to see if the farm’s sweet corn stand is open.)

Where to find them:
» At the farm
» Sara Hardy Downtown Farmers Market
» Burritt’s Fresh Markets

King Orchards | 4620 M-88, Central Lake | 231.544.6479
Warm summers make for sweet peaches and King Orchards picks them at the point of chin-drenching ripeness. Savor them straight up branch-to-mouth from the farm stand or halve and lightly grill alongside barbecued chicken.

Where to find them:
» At the farm

Herbs & Greens
Bear Creek Organic Farm | 4012 Atkins Rd., Petoskey | 231.340.0104
Bear Creek farmers, Anne and Brian Bates, tease bushels of sweet basil, thyme, tarragon, parsley and tender microgreens from their organically tended soil. Get your greens in myriad late summer marinades, salads and salsa verde.

Where to find them:
» Petoskey Farmers Market
» Boyne City Farmers Market
» Grain Train Natural Foods Market

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Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski