Yes, it can be done. A voyage over land and water to four Traverse City breweries. Kayak Bike & Brew is an experience-packed pedal pub crawl you won’t forget.

Mind you, we went out in the rain, and it was still an absolute blast.

The company began as an off-shoot of Traverse City’s famous kayaking pub crawl, Paddle For Pints. Kayak Bike & Brew keeps the spirit of kayaking and bar hopping alive with the addition of biking. And people are loving it!

On the tour, you’ll start (and end) at 229 Garland Street aka Kayak Bike & Brew Headquarters. Here you get a bike, a locker to store stuff and even a sweet swag bag with sunglasses, a pizza gift card, growler coupon and more. Before taking off on your grand adventure, your guide will cover rules and safety tips.

Pro-Tip: Wear shoes that can get wet, or pack both flip-flops and sneakers.

When you get cruising, the riding isn’t too aggressive, so get to know the other tourgoers. After all, you’re surrounded by people who thought drinking beer, kayaking, and biking all in the same day was a good idea.

Heading to The Filling Station—check out those sweet swag bags.

You’ll be on the Tart Trail so enjoy those views of Grand Traverse Bay and the city greenery. Soon you’ll come upon Hull Park where you’ll ebb-and-flow with the planetary art installments. On your left, you might even catch some people sailing Boardman Lake. So much to soak in on your way to the first stop.

Destination One: Right Brain Brewery

225 E Sixteenth St.

At Right Brain, I recommend the CEO Stout if you’re doing a morning tour; Luminous Lemon Ale if you’ve been out in the heat. Right Brain has a jovial atmosphere and is filled with classic games and tons of Starwars memorabilia.

Pro-Tip: Call ahead and order your food (pizza, duh) from your next stop (The Filling Station) so it will be ready when you arrive. Your guide will give you a 10-minute warning before it’s time to take off. Seize the moment. Here’s the phone number for ya: 231-946-8168.

Note: The TIE Fighters at Right Brain Brewery will not blast your beer.

Destination Two: The Filling Station

642 Railroad Place 

Let’s hope you ordered that pizza. If you’re looking for recommendations, be sure to ask your Kayak Bike & Brew guide. A fan favorite is the Cannonball. There’s something perfect about thin crust pizza with spinach and pepperonis while drinking a beer. Sit out next to the rails at the family-sized tables. This is a fun spot for group pictures, laughs, and where new friends start to feel more like old-besties.

Pro-Tip: Snag a few canned beers to take on the road. At The Filling Station, you can get a four pack of the famous Paddle for Pints beer, Under the Trestle Mango Kölsch. Take it out on the water with you.

Hear ye, hear ye. The Filling Station has great pizza! And beer!

After stopping at The Filling Station, you’ll load your kayaks into Boardman Lake and make your way down the Broadman River. If it’s cooler out, I would recommend lightweight rain gear, but regardless of the weather, Broadman River is a beautiful place to kayak. If the sun does pop out, it’s nice to have sunglasses (which are in your swag bag), but our recommendation would be a trustworthy hat.

If you’re good at kayaking, maybe drink another beer. If you’re new to kayaking, take it easy and get your flippers first.

Destination Three: Rarebird Brew Pub

229 Lake Ave.

Here you can fuel up on more food or just stick with beer. With Rarebird’s famous french fries and 35 beers on tap, there are plenty of options. Rarebird has a relaxing indoor lounge and massive tables for groups, plus outdoor seating.

Drink up and close those tabs. The final leg, or paddle we should say, of the journey awaits.

Paddle back into the heart of Traverse City past boats and docks and shops decorated for the festivities of a Northern Michigan summer. Once you reach port, a staff member of Kayak Bike & Brew will take your kayaks while you walk to the final bar, which is right across the street from where you started the tour. Grab your locker gear and get a free group picture.

Pro-Tip: This is your chance to tip your guide for handling the navigation, laughing at your jokes, and taking care of you while out on the trails. Leading a crazy band of beer drinkers can be a lot.

Gather under the lights for one last drink at The Workshop Brewing Company.

Final Destination: The Workshop Brewing Company

221 Garland St.

It’s a perfect final stop. You and your Kayak Bike & Brew cadre have had quite the adventure and now you can celebrate with games, food, and of course, beer. The atmosphere is casual and warm.

Take any last-minute pictures and enjoy a final drink with your new family. In the end, we hope you enjoy Kayak Bike & Brew as much as we did, and we hope the memories you make will last as long as ours.

For more information about how to set up your Kayak Bike & Brew tour, please visit them over at or give them a ring at 231-760-8828.


Look at this family. This could be you!

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Photo(s) by Riley James