Bluebird Restaurant & Tavern in Leland is beloved by generations of locals and tourists alike. Stop by and you’ll know why.

I think 80 years in business is enough to earn iconic status so I will go ahead and give that to Bluebird. It’s been the gathering place in Leland for locals and tourists alike for a long time and was a hangout for one of my favorite writers, Jim Harrison. From the casual 100-seat bar to the more elegant, scenic dining room on the banks of the Leland River there is something for everyone at Bluebird.

Long known for the finest whitefish, walleye, and perch in Northern Michigan, the menu contains those timeless favorites and nightly specials that offer their chef’s the opportunity to stretch their culinary “legs” and try new ingredients and cooking styles. I talk food, music, and growing up in this restaurant family with owner Skip Telgard.