Burnette Foods produces shelf-stable foods (applesauce, fruit cups, hummus, pumpkin, etc.). “Shelf-stable products” may sound dull, but these local producers are anything but boring. We chat with COO John Pelizzari and his wife, Theresa.

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This week I’m hanging at the home of John and Theresa Pelizzari on Old Mission Peninsula. John is the COO of Burnette Foods, and his family goes back five generations on Old Mission Peninsula. He grew up working their 70-acre cherry farm in one of the more beautiful parts of the world and now makes his home there. I had a fabulous evening of conversation with John and Theresa over a wonderful meal with a spectacular view.

Theresa hails from Scottville, Michigan and has fun stories about growing up with her dad, George, leading the iconic Scottville Clown Band. This hilarious group of very talented musicians comes together many times throughout the year to share their passion for entertaining crowds, traveling all over Michigan to strut their stuff. It’s a super fun show this week talking food, restaurants, and music with John and Theresa Pelizzari. —Host David Boylan

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