TruSelf Organics, a natural, organic, cruelty-free skin care line based in Traverse City, is aiming to change the face of skin care products as we know them. With an online store that ships globally, TruSelf has customers across the world and aims to bring organic, natural skin care to customers at an affordable price, while inspiring people to stay healthy, and love themselves.

The company was first started by a blogger named Amanda ( After extensive research, Amanda realized just how harmful the chemicals in everyday skincare products really are and decided to do something about it. Soon she was creating products in her own kitchen using all natural, organic, vegan ingredients. The company soon took off and was purchased by current owners Mark and Ann Bongiorno in July 2016.

Employing four full-time team members, along with two part-timers, the TruSelf crew is always brainstorming and creating new products, sometimes even right from their office. They test all of the products on themselves. Mark and Ann have released about 10 products since purchasing the company, including a brand new restorative shampoo and conditioner along with a soothing mask, and updated the packaging to give the TruSelf brand a fresh new face.

TruSelf products are used by several popular fitness experts and models including Paige Hathaway and Chontel Duncan along with reality television stars like Kaitlyn Bristowe from ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

“Love Yourself” is an important piece of the TruSelf message. “Self-love and acceptance are so important, and what you put on your body and what you put in your body play a large role in feeling good,” says team member Liz Robertson. “Affordable skin-care products are sort of an easy, feel-good way to practice self-care.”

Skin is your body’s largest organ, and anything on it goes in it, she explains.

“When you use products with harsh chemicals in them, the products can start to become ineffective,” Liz says. This is because skin can become accustomed to ingredients such as glycolic acid, which is used for exfoliation and anti-aging. If your skin builds up a tolerance for these ingredients, you have to use them in higher doses, Liz explains.

“Synthetic ingredients are not things you want to put on your body. It’s like comparing McDonald’s to real food,” she says.

What’s Next?

Currently, TruSelf is working on a line of six anti-aging products with actress Amy Smart, which they hope to launch within the year.

The team is also working to take the company to the next level by offering products in local retail stores. Currently, several of their products are available at Yen Yoga, located in downtown Traverse City, and online.

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