Millie and Pepper, a modern take on a general store in downtown Traverse City, is adding a tiny crêperie in the back of the shop. Owner Julie Hearne says they’ll start off with sweet and savory crepes. Opening day is set for Tuesday, May 1. 

“We’re having fun adding a tiny kitchen in the rear part of our store,” Julie says. “Our crêpes are kind of a street food version, handheld, typical of what you might find on a street in Paris. Since I have been telling people about doing crêpes, I’ve found that it’s one of those foods that provoke positive, emotional memories in people. I’ve heard so many stories about people’s favorite crêpes that they’ve had not just in France, but all over the country.”

The savory crepes will be made out of buckwheat flour, which is naturally gluten-free. There will be a selection of cheese (gruyere, feta and possibly raclette), egg, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and few other ingredients to mix and match. The sweet crepes will have Nutella, of course, with or without banana, sugar and lemon, cinnamon sugar, and salted caramel with or without banana. Julie also plans to introduce crêpe of the day specials based on seasonal produce.

You’ll also be able to get a cup of drip coffee, and eventually espresso drinks. The beans will be from BLK MRKT. There will be a few seats outside to relax and enjoy the food and coffee. 

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Photo(s) by Millie and Pepper