Join Norte as they celebrate riding bikes all year long and compete against northern cities in Canada, Europe, and the U.S. for the fifth annual Traverse City Winter Bike to Work and School Day on Friday, February 9.

The goal of Winter Bike to Work and School Day (WBTW+SD) is to demystify the practice of winter cycling and create awareness that ordinary people riding bicycles to work, school, or just for FUN in the winter is safe, healthy, and normal.

Adults and kids are encouraged to sign up for this one-day event. Help to make Traverse City #1 on this international leaderboard. All you need is a bike and a destination. Adults participating in WBTW+SD should make sure to stop by Brew, Morsels, Oryana, Higher Grounds, BLK MRKT, Horizon Books, Espresso Bay, Cuppa Joe, Breakaway Cafe, Cavallino Cafe, Mundos, Planetary or Horizon Books in the morning for a free cup of coffee.

After you Winter Bike to Work on February 9, join Norte for their swingin’ after party at 5:30 p.m. at The Little Fleet for Create TC’s 2018 Third Annual STOUT Challenge.

This event is sure to be awesome. Promise. Plus, registration is free! Sign up by simply clicking on the WBTW+SD page at

Norte | Happy. Healthy. Strong.

Norte is the Traverse City area’s active transportation-centered, youth-focused, neighborhood-based 501c3 advocacy organization.

Norte’s mission is to help build stronger, better connected and more walk/bike friendly communities by empowering the young and young at heart.

Norte is developing the next generation of happy, healthy, strong leaders through its Safe Routes To School initiative, Pro Walk/Pro Bike advocacy, youth empowerment projects and mountain bike programs.

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