MyNorth Wedding celebrates Northern Michigan weddings like nobody else. We invite couples to commemorate their wedding in MyNorth Wedding magazine, showcasing the marriage celebrations of Northern Michigan’s brides and grooms! Here’s how to get your wedding featured.

MyNorth Wedding offers three formats of paid wedding announcements for couples who wish to announce their wedding in MyNorth Wedding. Photos are the focus of the announcements (after all, that’s what everyone wants to see!) accompanied by a brief story of the couple’s courtship, engagement and wedding.

Check out the details, deadlines, and how to participate at

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be in the MyNorth Wedding Announcements?
A one-page announcement is $550 until 6/1, then $650 through the 11/1.
A two-page announcement is $1000 until 6/1, then $1100 through the 11/1 deadline.
A four-page announcement is $1800 until 6/1, then $1900 through the 11/1.

When is MyNorth Wedding published?
MyNorth Wedding is published annually in late-December.

Can anyone be in MyNorth Wedding?
Yes. Any couple who purchases an announcement and submits the required materials by 11/1 will be included in MyNorth Wedding’s announcement section, pending approval by our editorial board.

What materials do I need to submit?
Please fill out the MyNorth Wedding Announcement Form [] to submit several high-resolution photos in either .jpg or .tiff files from which the editorial staff will choose for your layout. Additionally please include a story of not more than 200 words on the form.

Can I send in my payment first and materials later?
Please submit materials and payment together using the form.

What if my story is too long?
Please stay within the 200-word limit. The form limits your story, so please make sure your story is 100 – 200 words.

What is a high-resolution photo?
Don’t worry, your photographer will know what type of files to give you. The photos needs to be 300 dpi at about 5” x 7”. Do not submit low resolution digital previews, or scans of prints.

My wedding is after the November 1st deadline. Will I have to wait until the following year to submit my wedding?
Yes. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Most fall weddings are submitted the following year because the photography isn’t available in time.

Will I get a proof of my announcement before it prints?
Yes. We will send you ONE .pdf file of your announcement to the contact email address you provide on your form, so make sure it’s an email address you check often. It will be strictly for catching serious errors, name misspellings or incorrect photo credits. Corrections to the PDF must be returned by November 15th.

Will I get a copy of the issue?
Yes, each couple who purchases an announcement will receive five complimentary copies of MyNorth Wedding. We will mail them directly to the address you indicated when you reserved your space.

What about the cover? Can I submit photos for that as well?
Sure! Couples may also submit photos to be considered for the cover. Please only send vertical photos for cover consideration. Avoid effects such as lens-flare, fish-eye, or excessive Photoshop filters. It’s best to use clean, bright images. Email the original photo file to

Do I have to be from Northern Michigan to have a wedding announcement in MyNorth Wedding?
No. We assume that all of our brides or grooms have some sort of connection to Northern Michigan.

Whew! This is a lot to process. Can I talk to someone on the phone?
Of course. Call Elizabeth Edwards, editor of MyNorth Wedding. She’d love to chat with you. Reach her at 231-941-5569 or email her at