The ocean is our greatest adventure playground and likely the biggest treasure chest of nature. With its dazzling diversity of species, the ocean never fails to amaze us and encourages us to protect what we love. The International OCEAN FILM TOUR Volume 4 wraps the most powerful stories, inspiring protagonists, and stunning visuals into one film program to show us the place where all life began.
1 night, 6–7 documentaries, 120 minutes. The event is Wednesday, December 6 at the City Opera House in Traverse City.

Hosting the event is The Boardman Review, a print and digital magazine including travelogues, lifestyle profiles, literature, music and documentaries that showcase the young and established creatives whose work and lives form the greater community of Northern Michigan. The magazine publishes several articles in each issue and includes multimedia elements with each piece.

You can purchase tickets at the City Opera House website or in person, at, or on the event’s Facebook page.

– Press release provided by The Boardman Review