We’re chatting with Chef Guillaume Hazaël-Massieux who brings his French training to the kitchens of Bistro FouFou and La Bécasse.

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This week on Lick the Plate on MyNorth.com host David Boylan talks food, restaurants and music with Guillaume Hazaël-Massieux. Guillaume graduated from École des Arts Culinaires et de l’hotellerie in Lyon, France, which is now known as L’Institut Paul Bocuse, for the celebrity chef and French food icon who presides over the university. Hazaël-Massieux brings the discipline and rigor of his French training to the kitchen of Bistro FouFou in Traverse City. His food is influenced by his childhood experiences in the West Indies and his mother’s renditions of the country foods typical of her childhood home in the east of France. Hazaël-Massieux is also the chef-owner of La Bécasse, a French country restaurant in Burdickville.

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Chef Guillaume takes us to the delicious realm of French food.
Try his gratin recipes.