Promethient, Inc., a provider of human-scaled climate control solutions, has secured lead funding from Boomerang Catapult of Traverse City.

Promethient’s products are used to provide cooling and heating to improve human comfort in traditional and unexpected places including motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, athletic apparel, body armor, construction equipment, and automobiles. Promethient is also developing Internet of Things (IoT) enabled therapeutic and surgical medical devices.

“Imagine an office chair being able to tell by the GPS on your phone that you’re in the parking lot and it’s time to warm or cool your chair to the temperature you’ve programmed—and you can fine-tune it as much as you want to during the day,” says Promethient CEO William Myers. “Or instead of dealing with cumbersome ice/heat therapy after an injury or surgery, you enter the cycle into an app on your phone, a neoprene wrap with a controller talks to it and changes the temperature for you.”

The $500,000 investment will allow Promethient to accelerate product development for transportation, medical device, furniture, and garment markets. Therapeutic devices are already running, Myers says. The company is going to hire engineers, scientists, and programmers this year and next.

Charles Cauchy

Promethient was founded by Charles Cauchy in 2014. Cauchy is a world-recognized expert and innovator in the field of solid state cooling and thermoelectrics. He has successfully launched cooling/heating systems in the automotive, medical, food service, and consumer products markets.

“Boomerang Catapult is extremely pleased to invest in and align with Traverse City-based Promethient,” says Casey Cowell, principal of Boomerang-Catapult and co-founder of US Robotics. “Promethient is exactly in our crosshairs with our mission to invest in creative, intellectually intensive effort and export it to the world.”

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