Under a new partnership with the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA), Mission Point is presenting a limited time pop-up museum throughout their property on Mackinac Island. Replicas of 10 of the DIA’s most popular paintings are featured in the project, which was installed in May. Mission Point representatives were able to select the artwork they thought fit into the island’s character as well as the piece’s location in order to complement the content of each reproduction.

Previously, the DIA has brought artwork to the Grand Hotel through the Inside|Out program. This is the first time the DIA has been invited to Mission Point. With people coming from all over the world to visit Mackinac Island, the project puts the DIA on an international platform. The DIA hopes to continue expanding its Inside|Out program across Michigan.

There’s still time to see the artwork this summer! Here’s a peek.

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Photo(s) by Kelly Rewa