In the middle of Interlochen lies a large horticultural sanctuary that has been described by visitors as “Hosta World,” a “Sensory Sensation” and “Disneyland in the Woods.” Interlochen Perennial Farms owner, Lin Alessio, says, “The gardens have been completely redesigned to become an inviting walk with Mother Nature at her finest. You will be surrounded by one of the largest collections of hostas in Northwest Lower Michigan.”

Visitors are invited to stroll the gardens at their leisure, relax in any of the dozen sitting areas and absorb the stunning beauty and creativity. Follow any of the wood-chipped walkways and enjoy the thousands of sun and shade hostas, dozens of eclectic metal sculptures, antique implements, and ponds teeming with goldfish and water plants while you listen to the chorus of bullfrogs.

Interlochen Perennial Farms

Interlochen Perennial Farms features today’s favorite perennials, ground covers, grasses, water plants, and garden ornaments, as well as hostas of every variety. All plants are potted in hand-mixed quality soil and are wintered outdoors to acclimate to Michigan weather. Your discovery begins when you take M-137 from Interlochen Corners to 10759 Diamond Park Road to Interlochen Perennial Farms. Open every day 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Come and enjoy!

—Press Release provided by Interlochen Perennial Farms

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