Traverse City Film Festival Family Fun Events

Even on a budget, the whole family can experience world-class entertainment. Check out our list of must-do Traverse City Film Festival family activities.

$1 Family Movies
We aren’t lying when we say there are $1 movies! Wednesday through Saturday, you’ll find $1 showings at the City Opera House, the Bijou and the Old Town Playhouse. The festival showcases a fun selection to keep your kids entertained. Here’s the Kids Fest movie schedule.

MSU Kids Camp. NEW!
Michigan State University has a new exciting lineup of kids camps running during the festival! Enjoy great movies while your kids have fun and learn about the exciting world of filmmaking and game design. These two-day sessions are geared toward youth ages 12–16 and will run Thursday and Friday during the festival. Students in each camp will have the opportunity to create their own short films and digital games from scratch! Check out the Filmmaker Camp and Game Designer Camp.

Kid Fest

Kids Fest Lawn Party!

Now here’s a refreshing change that our film festival shorties (as in kids, not films!) are sure to love. The Kids Fest is moving from the grounds of Central Grade School to Clinch Park, with its beach and splash pad! Wednesday, July 26 through Saturday, July 29 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can find fun games, arts and crafts, face painting, performances, bubbles, sports, food, giveaways and so much more at Clinch Park.

Cherryland Electric
On Wednesday, Cherryland Electric will be providing fun for kids of all ages!

Shape Up North
On Thursday, Munson Healthcare hosts the “Shape Up North,” event for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Clothespin Races & Puppet Show
On Friday The Great Lakes Children’s Museum will have Clothespin races after assembling them! Additionally, The O’k Puppet Theater will bring an original Puppet Show featuring the “Great Lakes and a Really Big Fish.”

Pathfinder’s “Science Exploration, Chickens, & Assemblage Art.”
Learn about local ecology with Pathfinder’s “Science Exploration, Chickens, & Assemblage Art.” Kids will have the chance to hold some fluffy chicken friends and learn about lifecycles, as well as work collaboratively with other children to assemble a sculpture. Sing along with Disney songs throughout the entire closing day.

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