10 Best Brunch Spots Near Traverse City

We asked our readers where they love to go for Sunday brunch in Traverse City (or nearby). These are their favorite restaurants—enjoy.

Photos shot at Patisserie Amie

First Place: The Omelette Shoppe, Traverse City

Brie and bacon, feta and mushrooms, slower roasted ham with onions … they elevate the omelette to art here. (Not into eggs? Lots more goodies on the menu.)

Second Place: Patisserie Amie, Traverse City

Oh man, that morning light through the south window, the just-right hue of green on the walls, the crêpe au saumon … and your friends in that space. Perfection.

Third Place: Towne Plaza, Traverse City

The seasonal menu features pork-centric dishes like the Tasso Benedict—Tasso ham, English muffin, poached egg, Cajun sauce, potato, bibb.

Our readers also love these brunch spots:

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