Top 10 Best Brunch Spots Near Traverse City

More than 10,000 voters from across the state weighed in on 101 things they love about Northern Michigan. Their votes determined over 300 Red Hot Best winners and 700 honorable mentions. Here are the Red Hot Best 2017 winners for Northern Michigan brunch spots. (Plus, some of our favorite brunch recipes from local chefs!)

First Place: Patisserie Amie, Traverse City
Oh man, that morning light through the south window, the just-right hue of green on the walls, the crêpe au saumon … and your friends in that space. Perfection. (Photos shot at Patisserie Amie. Délicieux!) 

Second Place: Apache Trout Grill, Traverse City

Third Place: Towne Plaza, Traverse City

More Red Hot Best winners for Northern Michigan brunch spots in alphabetical order:

Brunch Recipes to Try at Home! 

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