The Garden Walk will feature seven delightful gardens in the Beulah area, with refreshments at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. While enjoying a break at the church, visitors may also see a lovely memorial garden and a new perennial bed that was planted in 2016. Proceeds from the event will be used to enhance the Periwinkle Garden Club’s many projects within the City of Frankfort.

This self-guided tour will include six beautiful private gardens and one public garden. The gardens may be viewed in any order from 10 a.m.  to 4 p.m. on Friday, July 14. A map of the tour will be printed on the tickets, which may be purchased at Hull’s of Frankfort and Crystal Crate and Cargo in downtown Beulah. Cost: $8 in advance; $10 on the day of the walk.

Suzie Anderson, former Periwinkle Garden Club president and certified Master Gardener, shares her top five garden tips:

  1. We encourage organic gardening. Do not use chemicals that are harmful to birds, animals or beneficial insects.
  2. When possible, plant some native species. These help both the birds and butterflies.
  3.  Visit to learn about invasive plants in our region, and avoid planting them in your garden.
  4. Get after the weeds while they are still small, and before they go to seed, thus saving work for yourself.
  5. Do as many garden chores as possible in the fall, which will help cut down on the many spring chores.

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Photo(s) by Taylor Brown