The Ramsdell Theatre has the honor of showcasing one the finest touring tribute acts out today. Old Friends, a Simon and Garfunkel Tribute, will be playing at the Ramsdell on Friday, August 4 at 7 p.m. for ages 12 and up. Tickets are $25 per person for adults and $13 per person for students. Box seats are also available for $30. Join Old Friends as they take you back to experience one of the largest and most beloved concerts of all time.

Complete with a full eight-piece backup band, Nick Foresman and Jason Elsenheimer’s warm blending harmonies and crisp guitar work re-create the sound, look and feel of this legendary duo in their most famous performance ever. Remember the songs, remember the harmonies, remember the mood and the magic. Nick and Jason pay homage to the astounding duo and their timeless songs in this inspiring show with songs you know and love such as “Mrs. Robinson” and “Homeward Bound.” Concessions and merchandise will be sold at the event.

Purchase tickets at or by calling 1-800-836-0717.

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