Great! We’ll be in touch to connect you to Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine’s audience, with your ad in our MyNorth Estate & Financial Services publication, so you can help them with estate and financial services. Our readers like to keep our magazines as a reference, and your ad will be perfectly timed to reach our readers after summer’s activity has passed, when our readers get back to business.

Your ad reaches all these important groups:

  • Traverse Magazine subscribers; MyNorth Estate & Financial Services is inside the September issue
  • Newsletter readers directed to the digital issue
  • Newsstand buyers

– Those choosing the Travel Issue, adult travelers looking to enjoy the best of life, poised to benefit from investments
– Those choosing Arts & Entertainment Issue, involved and engaged readers participating in the arts

  • Digital readers on
  • Mailed to the Super Affluent in Northern Michigan

In the next two years, our audience expects to need:

  • 58% Tax, accounting services
  • 23% Legal services
  • 36% Investment and financial services

Our subscribers are educated, affluent and can afford to invest. In fact, our readers have more money than the readers of Wine Spectator or Cigar Aficionado—their household income is $225,000+.

And just how big is that audience? With our pass-along readership, Traverse Magazine’s audience could fill a college stadium to standing room only, and then some. Your ad in MyNorth Estate & Financial Services tells a stadium of people with $225,000+ in house hold income about your firm.

Photo(s) by Ben Fellows