The connection between a horse and a human can be profound, leading to personal growth and love for the spirited animal. Maryellen Werstine, along with partner Erin Halloran, founded the company EquuSpirit Partnership with the vision of connecting people to horses for powerful, life changing experiences. Their method, Equine Guided Learning (EGL), is learning through horses and engaging people with interactive exercises.

Horses are reflective of human behavior because they are always adapting to their environment, Maryellen explains. Therefore, people are able to work on their communication skills, body language and relationship building by interacting with horses. Healing, personal awareness and self-discovery can happen through EGL.

Erin works downstate in Howell, and Maryellen is based in Gaylord offering a variety of classes for people of all ages and skill levels. The Equine Journey focuses on nonverbal cues and unconscious behavior patterns to show how action is more powerful than words. Special groups for kids are available, and companies can bring employees for team building and leadership development in a non-traditional setting, which fosters a higher retention rate, Maryellen says. Other fun classes include yoga and archery on horses.

“At EquuSpirit Partnership you might discover something you didn’t know about yourself,” Maryellen says. “The world is often focused on technology; this gets people back to real life using all of their senses.”

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Whether you’re looking for a major life change or simply love horses, EquuSpirit Partnership is a great place to try something new.

Programs at EquuSpirit Partnership:

Equine Journey
This workshop is designed to help participants learn effective communication, boost confidence and gain personal awareness through supervised and guided interactions with the horses. Available for private and group sessions.

Horse Powered Success
This experiential learning experience offers team building and leadership workshops for corporate events or private coaching. 

Centaur Horse Adventures
Horseback adventures including horse archery, yoga and riding.

View upcoming events and learn more about the various programs.

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