A heady mix of sweet and savory aromas penetrates city streets—a hint of garlic, charred pizza crust, slow-smoked pork, and something not quite recognizable yet. Hungry visitors head toward the source of the mouthwatering bouquet—food trucks. The growing fleet of mobile restaurants is bringing fresh flavors and top-notch chefs to Northern Michigan. Check out these new trucks in town, and find out what some of your favorites have been up to.

Lamb Cheeseburger Taco from Happy’s Taco Shop

Happy’s Taco Shop and American Spoon Partner Up
Happy’s Taco Shop is now operating the kitchen, dining room and bar at American Spoon Café (413 E. Lake St., Petoskey), while American Spoon continues making its famous artisanal gelato. The menu will change throughout the season. View lunch and dinner hours plus the current menu. 

Happy’s will continue to serve gourmet tacos from its two food trucks—one based at The Little Fleet and the second roaming the north (here’s the calendar).

Honey Cashew Chicken from The Green Onion

Green Onion, Traverse City
Near the County Civic Center (1118 Titus Ave.), the Green Onion serves freshly made Asian-inspired cuisine to happy customers. Offering homemade sauces, plentiful portions and crisp vegetables, this year-old food truck already has a large customer following. Popular items include the sesame chicken, spring rolls and honey-cashew chicken (you can actually taste the honey!). All dishes can be made vegetarian. And according to the locals, it’s some of the best Asian food in town.

At the Corner of Front Street and Boardman Avenue …
New to the TC area is what people are calling “The Spot.” And it’s got everything you need: arcade games, shopping, and, most importantly, food! Inside, kids and adults head to The Coin Slot, an arcade with over 30 classic games including Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong, which are all available to play at an hourly or unlimited rate. Next door is the recently opened MI Happy Place gift shop selling fun T-shirts, retro and exotic candies, collectible toys and other ‘happy’ items. Right outside you’ll find Traverse City’s newest food trucks: Wingz & Thingz, Rockwich and MIddleBoys Savory Waffle Cones. With plenty of colorful picnic tables to eat at, this corner draws a hungry crowd with a variety of tasty eats. 

Deep fried twinkie served with ice cream and boneless wings with homemade buffalo sauce.

Wingz and Thingz
Want a spicy challenge? Eat 12 XXX Inferno wings in 10 minutes and get a free meal and T-shirt! Beware, these wings are known to make grown men cry (seriously, though). Other homemade wing flavors include buffalo, sesame teriyaki and honey-hickory BBQ. This truck is a crowd pleaser serving pizza, sandwiches, burgers, hand-cut fries and so many more thingz!

Chef David Gollan rocking to the music and smells outside Rockwich

The “Detroit Rock City” Sandwich

These sandwiches will literally rock your tastebuds! Look for the white and orange flaming school bus with a skeleton in the passenger seat. Rockwich is committed to serving high-quality, farm-to-table ingredients in between slices of Pleasanton Bakery’s organic bread. Try “Come Sail Away,” a chicken and bacon sandwich with fried chicken mayo, or the “Detroit Rock City,” a seared rib-eye with baby arugula.

The “High & Tight” bacon mac n’ cheese waffle cone

The batter is spiced with rosemary, thyme, oregano and a dash of sugar, and the cone is filled with meat, pasta, veggies and potatoes. It’s something you didn’t know you needed until now. Try the “Top Dog,” a waffle cone filled with brisket, mashed potatoes, veggies, gravy and cheese, or the “High & Tight”—look at that picture and tell us you’re not at least intrigued! With vegetarian and vegan options, this truck delivers amazing flavors to all.

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Photo(s) by Fallon Gates