When Moomers owner Jon Plummer noticed that Northern Michigan indie music darlings The Accidentals had given the ice cream shop a shout out in a recent interview, he was quick with a follow-up thank-you email. An email in which he even half-jokingly suggested the members of the band come in and create their own flavor. He didn’t know their love for Moomers ran so deep they’d actually take him up on it.

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“They came in, and it was all up to them. They put all the ingredients in the machine. They figured out what flavors they wanted. They named it. And what they ended up with was a blueberry-based ice cream—to represent Michigan and its lakes—with a cherry swirl for their TC love.”

And that’s how The Accidentals ice cream flavor, “Michigan and Again,” (named after one of the band’s flagship songs) became a thing. A thing that was supposed to be limited edition but—due to the fact that Jon blew through 40 gallons of it in the first half of its debut week—will now be continued indefinitely. Enjoy it again and again and again in 2017.

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