Nathan Scherrer grammyNorthport’s Nathan Scherrer moved to Los Angeles five years ago. Since then, he’s been working his way up from intern to Grammy-winning video producer. He took home his first Grammy for Best Music Video for Beyoncé’s “Formation” at the February 12 award ceremony. Nathan was also nominated for his work on Coldplay’s “Up&Up.”

Last year Nathan was nominated twice for Best Video Award for Pharrell’s “Freedom” and Dead Weather’s “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles),” though Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” won.

We caught up with Nathan over email to hear about the experience. (Also check out our interview with him after last year’s Grammy Awards.)

What goes into making a music video like this?

This was a super short turnaround which made it really challenging and the days extremely long, but when a job like this comes along it’s no longer work. Your passion and adrenaline take over to get it done in time because with a deadline like the Super Bowl, being late doesn’t exist. (The music video was released the day before the Super Bowl.)

Nathan Scherrer grammy

Nathan Scherrer and Jeff Kopchia, a producer at Freenjoy

I have to ask. What was it like working with Beyoncé?
Amazing. She’s such a hard worker and brings the best out of the people around her. When working with someone like her, you’re going to give it everything you have to make it amazing.

Melina Matsoukas is an incredible director. What did you take away from your experience with her?

I love Melina. As soon as we met we knew it’d be a good fit. We’ve done a couple projects together. It’s the same with her as it is with Beyoncé. You want to do your best for her. Period.

What’s next for you?

Not telling 🙂

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