ShopMyNorth Holiday Gifts for Cooks and Foodies

Do you have home cooks, gourmets and foodies on your gift giving list? Northern Michigan’s culinary scene, with all the local ingredients artfully used, is a great gift. But when you’re away, how can you satisfy an appetite for Northern Michigan fare? Here are a few ShopMyNorth holiday gifts to impress the chefs in your life, and you can order them from any armchair, anywhere on

1. Mitt-chigan™ Oven Mitt
Let the gourmet in your life show that they are smitten with the mitten!
~shop_now_button2. Miracle Blend
This magical spice blend reportedly gets kids to eat their veggies, also delicious for adults.

3. Fessler’s Variety Pack
Famous Fessler’s Original Sauce, plus 4 spice blends—BBQ, Cafe, Baja and Oriental—for a different spice with every holiday meal.

4. Dried Morel Mushrooms
Enjoy Northern Michigan’s favorite fungi, just add water to these morels for a taste of spring, available all year!

5. Wee Bee Jammin Signature Black Box
Of course Cherry Bomb, and then Strawberry Skimmer, with Wild Blue Yonder. And Toe Jam, just for fun.

6. A Bright Cottage Morning
An eye opening pound of Deep Blue Cottage Morning Blend coffee and a charming ceramic MyNorth Coffee Cup proclaiming “I’d Rather Be Up North.”

If you’re hungry for more, we have a whole category of foodstuffs on to sate your Northern Michigan cravings. Click here for more. 

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