Shop Local! Manistee Holiday Shopping Gift Guide 2016

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Manistee brings its Victorian heritage to life during the holidays, including the not-to-miss Victorian Sleighbell Parade and Old Christmas Weekend December 1–4. Get your holiday shopping done at the quaint downtown boutiques. Here is a peek at what you’ll find on a Manistee holiday shopping trip. Find even more gift ideas in the 2016 MyNorth Holidays gift guide.

1. Ultimate Grilling Basket
The Ideal Kitchen, $29.99, 231.398.9895

2. Cat Treats Pail
Alex Doucett’s, $16, 231.398.9552

3. Lions and Tigers & Wings Onesie
Swankyz, $14.99, 231.887.4187

4. Bacon Salt
The Ideal Kitchen, $6.99, 231.398.9895

5. Hand-Thrown Birch Trunk Vase
Daybreak Gallery & Studio, $22, 231.299.1083

6. Iron Fish Rum
Iron Fish Distillery, $32, 231.378.3474

Find a complete guide to Manistee boutiques and eateries here.

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