Know Way Out, an escape room in downtown Petoskey, is a thrilling new form of live, interactive entertainment.

Escape rooms are a growing trend throughout the country offering experiences for all ages. Participants enter a meticulously themed room becoming immersed in another time and place. They must work as a team to finish a quest by deciphering clues and completing puzzles and challenges.

Know Way OutTwo escape room experiences are currently offered at Know Way Out. Savage Safari is set in Kenya, Africa, and Medieval Mayhem is in a castle. In February 2017, the Mad Hatter’s Asylum will be added. The asylum’s room description says: “Enter a world of whimsy, twists, turns, dead ends and only one way out. The Hatter loves having guests at his un-birthday party! The only problem is they tend to never leave … ”

A fourth room will be added in the future, but a theme has not been decided yet (suggestions welcome).

In some escape rooms, the goal is simply to escape a harrowing situation (zombies, for example) and in others, the goal is to complete a quest which has been laid out for you with an element of intrigue and urgency as the clock ticks away toward the 60-minute deadline, owner Cindi Dalian-Myers explains. The Savage Safari and Medieval Mayhem rooms at Know Way Out are quest oriented.

“Our puzzles and challenges are varied, unique and professionally designed,” Cindi says. “Some clues are pattern recognition, some are number or word puzzles, some involve things hidden in the room, while others are more physical in nature such as fishing a key out of an unusual place. We tell people to expect the unexpected.”

Everything needed to complete the quest is available within the room—there are no trivia type clues—but a basic understanding of Roman numerals would be helpful, Cindi hints.

Know Way Out“We want to emphasize that we create a feeling of being locked in the room but players are NOT physically locked in,” Cindi says. “They are able to leave the room at any time should the need arrive. We have not, as of yet, had anyone want to leave, however. The rooms are not scary but provide a unique, interactive experience with a few surprises included.”

Escape rooms are fun for friends and family and are also popular team building opportunities for co-workers, bridal parties, birthdays and other group events. To arrange an event or to schedule a larger group, call 231.881.9688.

The experiences are designed for ages 13 and up with a group size of 3 to 8 per room, and can be booked online at At this time, escape room experiences are available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 3–8 p.m. and 1–9 p.m. on Saturday. Tuesdays are reserved for corporate and non-profit team building events.

Know Way Out is located at 622 Howard St. in downtown Petoskey.

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