Opening Day for The Curse of Oak Island Season 4

Opening Day? You betcha! But you don’t need a rifle for this one. For the 4 million viewers who are on the armchair hunt for the legendary treasure of Oak Island, this Tuesday, November 15, is it: The opener for the brand new season of The Curse of Oak IslandRick and Marty Lagina (one of the History Channels hottest hits.) The show that stars Michigan brothers Rick (Iron Mountain) and Marty (Traverse City) Lagina starts at 9 p.m.. But tune in at 8 p.m. for a recap of last season that ended with the discovery of a gold object in the infamous Money Pit.

Want the backstory about the Laginas and their quest for buried treasure on an island off Nova Scotia? Do what thousands (and we are talking thousands!) of readers have done: Check out our library of MyNorth stories that will bring you totally up to speed on the Laginas and their quest:  Happy Hunting!

Get prepped for The Curse of Oak Island Season 4:Rick and Marty Lagina


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Article Comments

  • Joe Scales

    Nothing to see here. Had there been anything found over the Summer, news of course would have leaked out. So Season 4 is DOA.

    If you’d like to read Richard Jolte’s research exposing the notion of Oak Island treasure being a hoax from the beginning, see:

    • the_logician

      Joe, skepticism is certainly allowed, but scientifically you cannot prove a negative.

      • Joe Scales

        As a logician, I’d have figured you’d be able to recognize an inductive argument. Back to school with you…

  • Bob Wylie

    I have a photo of Duncan Gibert Harris & his wife if the team is interested. It won’t solve the Mystery of the Oak Island, but may give you a clue as to his identity in the FDR group photo they featured on last night’s show. I also have his height and overall description as well, and if the team is interested, I’d be more than happy to share it with you.