For those who love Leelanau, finding a Leland Blue while walking the Lake Michigan shoreline is a moment of pure delight. These iconic stones are only found in Leland and are prized possessions for vacationers and locals alike. (Why are the stones blue? Read the story here.) Browse locally-made Leland Blue jewelry (the perfect holiday gift!) on

1. Leland Blue Beach Comber Flip Flop Necklace: $65

2. Pure Michigan Charm Bracelet: $840

3. Leland Blue Snowmen Earrings: $75

4. Michigan Shaped Petoskey Stone with Leland Blue Lake: $249

5. Petoskey & Leland Blue Beaded Necklace: $175

6. Three Bead Leland Blue Earrings: $59

7. Petoskey & Leland Blue Michigan Necklace: $210

8. Three Seagull Stonescape Necklace: $250

9. Petoskey Stone & Leland Blue Michigan Pendant: $109

10. Leland Blue & Petoskey Unity Chain: $395

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Photo(s) by Korner Gem