The Beauty of NoMi: Because Everyone Loves Up North

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Your slice of home, your great escape
The place of trees, the land of lakes
Paddles push, creating wakes
Sandy shores and Sandhill Cranes
Blowing wind, and roaring fires
Fresh pints, and hungry diners
Sunken ships, and climbing spires
The mighty mack, and bike riders
Symphonies, and spinning fire
Pumpkins carved with crooked smiles
Golden leaves outstretched for miles
Lighting trees, excited riders dust off skis
Snow flies while music rings
The melting white gives way to green
Finding shrooms and climbing dunes
Blushing brides and grinning grooms
Local wines and gourmet food
A road to drive as flowers bloom,
Or a quiet moment, just for you.
—Poem written by videographer Jake Burgess