New Curse Of Oak Island Season Stars Michigan’s Lagina Brothers

It’s official! Northern Michigan’s Lagina brothers—perhaps the world’s most famous treasure hunters—are back for a fourth season of The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel. The season premiere is Tuesday, November 15 at 9 p.m. But because, as Curse fans will tell you, the dig for, well, no one really knows what, is a twisted, convoluted affair, you’ll want to tune in at 8 p.m. for an hour-long recap of last season: That season ended with the discovery of a gold object in the infamous Money Pit.

This season, the Laginas will bring in 450 tons of hi-tech equipment for their probe and assault on the Money Pit. The Curse of Oak Island has been the #1 nonfiction cable show on Tuesday nights for several seasons.

Want to know what all the hype is about? We’ve got it covered. Check out these MyNorth stories on the brothers Lagina and their quest for the treasure that lies (or may not lie) buried on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia:

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Article Comments

  • rob11751

    another season of crack pots giving their theory about what treasure is buried there? watch the Lagina brothers spend money on equipment and divers for nothing? maybe they will get it there is no gold buried there

    • barz

      fuck you bitch oak island is the best

    • barz

      dont like it dont watch it bitch go suck a horse dick

  • John Wilcox

    Was Just woudering What about the Other Islands that is Close to Oak Island..Would you Think That Maybe there is Treasure on Them..Maybe Someone Used those Island too..Has Anyone did and Search on Them..And One other thing Where the Water Traps Are why can’t they dig there and Shut off the water coming in to The Traps..And whose to Say Something Mite be Buried There..and I was reading on one of the pages it said the North End There is a Spirit There would you Think The Spirit is Trying to Keep them out of there for a Reason..Sound like a Good Place to Search..Was just Wondering…Let Me Know your Thoughts On This..Thank You.

  • Judy

    I live in Michigan and not even an hours drive from Travers City. I have quite a few questions and Idea’s about how you may be able to follow through on your quest more constructively than how your doing it now. if your interested my email is on here and you can contact me through it. This is a very sincere offer. I wont waste your time because as a Minister I do not have any time to waste either.

  • Joe Scales

    Season 4 sadly has the Lagina Brothers actively engaging in deception by not being honest about Smith’s Cove and the alleged box drains. They act as if the last investigation of the box drains occurred in the mid 1800’s, when it is a fact that Robert Dunfield dug them up in the 1960’s. Rick Lagina furthers the misconception that if they prove there were box drains, that would prove there were flood tunnels. Wrong. The box drains were proven to have existed, but they did not travel the nearly two football field length to the Money Pit. And doesn’t it boggle the mind that wherever they dig they hit water? Could those flood tunnels be everywhere? No. It’s called the Windsor Formation underneath the island, rife with naturally occurring underground pockets and waterways. The water doesn’t come in through the “box drains”. The water comes in much further out to sea, which geology has long ago established.

    So what were those box drains? Likely the remnants of an old salt works. See Dennis King’s article in this regard on Richard Joltes’ most excellent site debunking the myth that is treasure on Oak Island: