The evolution of Northern Michigan’s dining scene into a more casual experience has pushed even some fine-dining institutions to embrace the “come-as-you-are” trend. Among the latest to adopt the more relaxed approach: The owners of The Pier restaurant in Harbor Springs.

When they decided to tackle a major renovation, one of their first moves was to literally take the white tablecloths off the table. “People used to think of this as a place where Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa went,” says The Pier’s David Marvin, whose family has been involved in one way or another with The Pier for decades. “Now, I think we’re a place everybody can feel comfortable.”

The nautical-themed refresh of the interior provides an updated vibe while still maintaining plenty of Up North roots. And the simplified menu puts more emphasis on small plates and fresh seafood, which is flown in daily.

View the fresh menu at The Pier here.

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Photo(s) by Stafford's Hospitality