Shanty Creek Resorts in Antrim County added a new element to their Schuss Mountain Golf Course this year. Rather than driving around a traditional golf cart to get from hole to hole, players can try out a GolfBoard. Watch this MyNorth Media video to learn more.

“We’ve been progressive in what we’ve been trying to do around Shanty, with growing the game of golf and pushing sort of the boundaries of what’s new in the game,” Chris Hale, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Shanty Creek Resorts, says. “We thought this was another way to add to that.”

There are only around 100 golf courses in the United States trying out these GolfBoards, and a handful are here in Michigan. It’s a sought-after addition to many players’ Northern Michigan golf game, as in midweek play, it can shave off twenty to thirty minutes a round since individuals go directly to their balls—plus, there’s the uniqueness of using muscles to steer.

“You don’t have a steering wheel like you do on a traditional golf cart,” continues Chris. “It’s your ankles, it’s your hips, it’s the way you position your feet. And it usually takes a few minutes to get the hang of it, but once you get the hang of it, you can enjoy the next four hours of golf.”

Learn more about GolfBoard rates at Shanty Creek and how to reserve one on the Schuss Mountain Golf Course at

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Photo(s) by Jake Burgess