We love Michigan apples! Here are a few of our favorite recipes, U-Pick Michigan apple orchards, crafts and apple storage tips.

Make a Homemade Apple Pie

Making a pie may sound intimidating to some, but after watching this MyNorth video, we’re confident you can do it. Susan Odom of Hillside Homestead in Suttons Bay shows us how to make an easy-peasy, sweetly delicious Northern Michigan apple pie.

Store Apples for Winter

Enjoy fall flavors deep into winter with these six easy steps for how to store apples.Todd Zawistowski_apples-in-crates-900x473

Craft Holiday Apple Tealights

This simple holiday craft is perfect for sprucing up Halloween and Thanksgiving table decor. Here’s what you’ll need.   apple tealight

Find Heirloom Apples

A trip to Kilcherman’s Christmas Cove Farm for heirloom apples is a fall-time tradition in Northern Michigan. Kilcherman’s, located in Northport, is home to 200-plus varieties.    Photo by Todd Zawistowski

U-Pick Apples

Spend a fun, healthy afternoon with the whole family at a local Northern Michigan U-Pick farm.  royal farms

Enjoy Cider and a Donut

It wouldn’t feel like fall in Northern Michigan without some cider!  On your upcoming fall color tour vacation in Northern Michigan, stop and sip these local apple ciders.  apple cider

Bake Like Crazy

The best apples for baking are the ones that hold their flavor and don’t turn to mush when heated. These Michigan apples stand up and shine in baked desserts. Find Michigan apple recipes in MyNorth’s online cook book!  apple-pie-900x473

More Northern Michigan Apples

Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski