Northern Michigan is home to countless classics, including this awesome little shop. Traverse City’s Captain’s Quarters celebrates 50 years this summer. Time flies!

Maurie Allen doesn’t care if you think his clothing store Captain’s Quarters is a place where your dad shops. Or rather, a place your mom takes your dad to shop while killing time on vacation.

When you’ve managed to keep a men’s specialty store alive and kicking for a full 50 years, you’ve earned the right to do things your way. Hitting the half-century mark is an impressive feat, especially when you consider back when Allen started the dress clothing store in 1966, Traverse City’s downtown sported five men’s speciality shops and a full lineup of big name department stores, including Sears, JCPenney and Montgomery Ward. Today, Allen is the only one left standing downtown, and credits his ability to roll with changing times to a base of repeat customers who appreciate the extra attention his shop gives them. That, and knowing when to not roll with changing times.

Case in point: Allen’s advice for the one piece every man needs in his closet? The timeless navy blazer. “You can dress it up, dress it down. It’s always a solid look.”

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Photo(s) by Rachel Dorie