Cody Sovis, the Traverse City cyclist behind the popular biking blog Kolo TC, talks about his pedaling mentality and how it’s changed over the years.

cody sovisFor Cody Sovis, 27, riding is no longer focused on training hard to win the race.

“Three or four years ago, I wanted to win the Iceman,” says the Traverse City bike mechanic and blogger, speaking of Iceman Cometh Challenge, the epic 30-mile, Kalkaska-to-Traverse City mountain bike race held each November. “Now I want to go ride my bike and when it works out, I want to go out and ride with my buddies. My favorite thing is just to go.”

It’s this kind of mentality that Sovis, who works at Einstein Cycle, is seeing a lot of among area cyclists. “More and more people are just supportive of this—they realize, no one really cares if you win. They care more that you try … It’s becoming more of a lifestyle around here rather than a handful of weekend warriors.”

Sovis, who remembers biking as a child on the trails behind the Village at Grand Traverse Commons with his dad and twin brother, Wes, not only rides outside as much as possible, usually 8,000 to 9,000 miles a year, he also keeps tabs on the region’s cycling scene and shares it on his blog Kolo TC.

Sovis started the blog while at college in Grand Rapids, mostly to talk racing and crack wise about the racing lifestyle. The blog has evolved into an online gathering spot for riders of all abilities, with posts about group rides for beginners and veteran cyclists, and race previews and recaps. There’s a lot to share, with more riders than ever on the roads and trails.

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