It’s one of the most unique Northern Michigan dining experiences. If you’re out boating on Long Lake just west of Traverse City, or hanging out on one of it’s many sandbars or islands and run out of drinks or get hungry, all you need to do is hop online or pick up the phone and place your order. Minutes later Nick Ferrugia from Long Lake Grocery splashes up alongside you.

“We bring beer, we bring ice, we bring everything from our menu,” says Nick about his Long Lake pizza delivery service. “Everything from roasted chicken to pizzas to salads. If they want a pack of cigarettes, we’ll bring that to them as well. It’s basically anything that you need except for the liquor.”

You might recognize Nick as the “Sea-Doo pizza delivery guy” from videos that went viral a couple seasons ago. Since then, requests for his Long Lake pizza services have skyrocketed. So much in fact, that he’s upgraded from a Sea-Doo to a speed boat to accommodate. With a softer ride and no chances for soggy pizza, Nick can now deliver larger orders.

Nick explains, “This thing is a lot larger, and we can carry a lot more. I mean, I got one group of nine families just off the other point over here, and I brought them 16 pizzas. They had kids and boats and people everywhere, crawling over everything. And I brought them their pizzas, and it was cool.

“It’s cool to do something that to me is very, very simple and bring that much joy to someone’s life. I mean, bringing pizza—big deal, right? I mean, it’s pizza! Made it at the store; I’ll bring it to you. But it’s a big deal to some people, it really is.”

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Photo(s) by Kris Riley