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(Press Release provided by Raven Hill Discovery Center)

EAST JORDAN: Save the date! Saturday, August 20, 2016, Raven Hill Discovery Center will host the NASA Glenn Research Center from Cleveland, at the second annual Community TEC (Technology Explorations and Challenges) Day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in East Jordan.

NASA Glenn outreach staff will be on site to present NASA themes such as Power Energy Storage and Conversion, Materials and Structures for Extreme Environments, Technology Drives Exploration and NASA is with you when you fly. Space enthusiasts of all ages can take part in “make-it, take-it activities” which will give guests an opportunity to construct a handheld model jet engine, build a robotic arm end effector, assemble a model of Orion and create energy-storing bead bracelets that harness the sun’s power.

Demonstration carts will be available where visitors can learn about wind tunnels, alternative energies and 3D visualizations. NASA will also feature an App Lab offering visitors a Science-, Technology-, Engineering- and Mathematics-based digital learning experience (STEM); a “Picture Yourself in Space” photo booth and a variety of NASA exhibits and artifacts. NASA bags, lithographs, bookmarks, stickers and other materials will be available at the information booth, and a NASA Subject Matter Expert will make a presentation at 1:30 p.m.

In addition to NASA activities, Raven Hill Discovery Center offers families an opportunity to explore engineering careers and collaborate to solve real-world science and technology challenges, encouraging student interest in STEM and strengthening the nation’s future workforce.

Area families can also pre-build and then test a shoebox glider at 11 a.m. or package a raw egg (simulating delicate instruments) to be dropped 1,000 feet from a plane at 1 p.m. Directions for the shoebox glider and the eggdrop package are available by calling the Center at 231-536-3369, emailing or checking out the Raven Hill website. Families can also explore various engineering careers, collaborating on real-world science and technology problems, such as civil, structural, aeronautical, mechanical and materials engineers.

The regular Raven Hill $10/person admission will be reduced to $5 for TEC Day and larger families can pay a family rate of $20. Picnic tables are available for lunches and snacks and a food truck will be on site all day. For more information or questions, feel free to call Caitlin or Cheri at 231.536.3369.

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