A trip to Mackinac Island simply isn’t complete without a bike ride on M-185. The Michigan highway hugs the Lake Huron shoreline and takes bikers through busy downtown and past Mission Point Resort to secluded, beautiful spots along the north side of the popular Northern Michigan vacation destination. Explore Arch Rock and British Landing, take a swim and enjoy the view on your Mackinac Island bike ride.

Hike to Arch Rock

Arch Rock is a 146-foot natural limestone arch towering over the east side of the island. The geological attraction has been a part of the Mackinac Island State Park since 1895. It offers beautiful sunrise views.

Make a Cairn

A cairn is a mound or tower of stones built as a memorial or landmark. You’ll notice hundreds of them as you travel around the island. Find an open spot and make your own! Warning: Cairns can get knocked over by the wind and accidently by people. The higher you build a cairn, the more it will hurt if it falls.

Cool Off With a Swim

The peace and quiet on the north side of the island are perfect for a picnic and a quick dip in the lake. Though beautiful, the shore is very rocky so bring water shoes. 

Brush Up on Your History

This spring, the Native American Cultural History Trail was installed. The trail features six panels discussing the history and impact of Native Americans on the Great Lakes. The panels are located along M-185 with benches and areas for bicycle parking. View a map of the trail stops here.

The fourth stop on the Native American Cultural History Trail is at British Landing where you’ll also find information about the American surrender of Fort Mackinac to the British. Hungry after all that history? The Cannonball Drive Inn at British Landing has burgers, sandwiches, pizza, ice cream, fried pickles and more.

Relax and Enjoy the View

The white chairs on the Mission Point Resort lawn offer a view of Round Island and The Greens of Mackinac. Take a breather and watch the passing freighters.

Bonus stop! See Silver Birches, a historic Mackinac Island lodge undergoing renovations to open as a luxury boutique hotel in summer 2017. Silver Birches is located on the north side of the island about 4 miles from downtown riding east or west.

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Photo(s) by Emma Winowiecki