The September 17, Northern Home & Cottage Tour Phase I is fast approaching. In case you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, here are some motivating highlights from these 11 stunning homes that stretch from Leelanau to Traverse City:

1. Two high-end homes powered by the sun. Yep, you read that right. Two of our homes have discreet banks of solar panels that mean these homes will make so much free power their energy bills will range from zero to miniscule, even in the winter. (Preview Home #3’s solar panels, pictured above!)

2. Black as an interior style statement—black doors, black cabinets, black countertops give a Traverse City home a sizzling, sophisticated look.

3. An in-ground pool landscaped into the grounds. Yes, even in the land of lakes its nice to have your own pool to dip into right off the back terrace.

4. A clever way to get the look of a rustic timber frame home without the cost.

5. The contemporary makeover of a 1970s condo. P.S., you’ll love the way they preserved the Brady Bunch-era stairway partition.

6. The soaking tub of your dreams.

7. Two homes with vinyl floor that makes you ask what species of wood it is. And that hold up to any shoes or paws!

8. A soft coastal style that redefines lake living. (You’ll want to stop by just to find out what shade of blue they used on the dreamy kitchen walls.)

9. A vacation home where they keep the fire rings and s’more supplies stocked for the owners.

10. The coolest wood floor you’ve ever seen. Let’s just say it up-ends traditional floors!

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Photo(s) by Dave Speckman