Red Hot Best 2016 Northern Michigan White Wines

More than 10,000 voters from across the state weighed in on 101 things they love about Northern Michigan. Their votes determined over 300 Red Hot Best winners and 700 honorable mentions. Here you’ll find the Red Hot Best 2016 Northern Michigan white wines.

First Place: Black Star Farms, Arcturos Late Harvest Riesling
Second Place: Chateau Grand Traverse, Late Harvest Riesling
Third Place: Chateau Chantal, Late Harvest Riesling

The remaining Red Hot Best winners for local white wine in alphabetical order:

0616_JuneTraverse_cover 2


Red Hot Best winners were originally published in the June 2016 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.

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Article Comments

  • Ungowa

    And the winner is…Late Harvest Riesling. So the masses like sweet wine apparently.

  • Anna & Josh M

    This is terribly unfortunate and the reason why this reason will never be taken seriously. Sweet Rieslings which are backsweetened with white sugar, not done in the traditional German way, are the top wines? The people rating this should really learn more about wine and try more wines. Blackstar makes far superior wines than that tourist wine & there are way better wines out here from others. Winter White as top wine is like going to California and choosing Bota Box Chardonnay as best Chard. Even in Riesling heavy NY, the results don’t look like this…because they produce good stuff other than Riesling and produce Riesling properly.