Red Hot Best 2016 Northern Michigan Scenic Road

More than 10,000 voters from across the state weighed in on 101 things they love about Northern Michigan. Their votes determined over 300 Red Hot Best winners and 700 honorable mentions. Here you’ll find the prettiest 10-mile stretches of Northern Michigan scenic road.

First Place: Tunnel of Trees, Harbor Springs
Second Place: M-37, Old Mission Peninsula
Third Place: M-22, Northport to Glen Arbor

The remaining Red Hot Best winners for Northern Michigan scenic road in alphabetical order:



Red Hot Best winners were originally published in the June 2016 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.

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Article Comments

  • Brian Nelson

    And just remember that the speed limit is 55 all the way up the Peninsula (other than the very bottom that is 45) and yes that includes the curves. If there are 5 or 6 cars behind you and you can’t manage to drive the speed limit – just pull over and let them by!

    • David Collins

      Yep, I’d like to see you try some of those curves on 119 @ 55 MPH

      • Brian Nelson

        I was talking M-37

        • David Collins

          To me M-37 is boring, there are a few senic views up there but M-25 is much better. US 23 also. Yep if you can’t drive the speed limit on 37 need to go have your license reviewed

  • David Collins

    Not a bad list but IMO M-25 and US-23 are a better drive than M-37 and US-2