In 2004, the Interlochen Center for the Arts established the Interlochen College of Creative Arts. The program is an effort by the Center to offer arts education opportunities for adults. While Interlochen holds several opportunities for young artists, this is the only program that allows adults to gain a hands-on experience at the Center.

The College offers year-round workshops and seminars in music, creative writing, media, visual arts, and professional development. Most of the courses take place on the Center’s campus, but longer courses have online options. The College does not require auditions; all courses are open for registration, regardless of artistic proficiency. In addition, classes are extremely short, with a maximum range of just a few days. Thus, lodging is not provided for participants.

Despite their brevity, each course gives an extensive overview of the topic. Classes are taught by College of Creative Arts faculty, many of whom are distinguished figures in their fields. Specific topics range from ukulele lessons to basics of digital audio to self-promotion tactics for writers. Whether you are looking to pick up a new instrument or learn valuable life-long skills, the College of Creative Arts is a useful resource for all artists.

A full list of courses taught by the Interlochen College of Creative Arts can be found here.

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Photo(s) by Matt Carissimi