Hidden deep among Michigan’s forests, rivers, and the trails that wind over them is Gaylord. For the outdoorsman’s vacation, an adventure through this Northern Michigan town is essential. Check out these awesome Gaylord outdoor activities.


With endless miles of scenic trails and challenging routes, Gaylord is the perfect place to spend the day on a bike. Beautiful views will ensure that the journey is as breathtaking and satisfying as the exercise itself. Spend your day rolling through the Northern Michigan woods or tearing past peaceful countryside. Map your journey here.


You’ll be in no rush to escape the Gaylord outdoors, and you won’t have to. The town is home to six campgrounds and caters to tents, trailers, and RVs alike, so you can spend your entire Northern Michigan vacation fully immersed in the outdoors. A complete list of the city’s campgrounds can be found here.

Canoeing & Kayaking

Though located much farther inland than coastal Northern Michigan cities, Gaylord still finds itself with plenty of venues for water adventure. Gaylord and its surrounding areas sport five rivers: Black River, Pigeon River, AuSable River, Manistee River, and Sturgeon River. You’ll find many businesses in and around Gaylord, all dedicated to helping you explore these Northern Michigan waters in kayaks and canoes. Find a list of kayak and canoe rental businesses here.


Many refer to Gaylord as “America’s Golf Mecca.” Home to 15 of the country’s finest courses, the city has surely earned this title. Gaylord’s golf courses manage perfectly manicured greens, while blending this atmosphere with genuine, rustic Northern Michigan outdoors. Find your favorite of Otsego County’s golf courses here.


The Gaylord area is crosscut with hiking trails, jaunting off in every direction. These trails stretch through some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes which are home to the largest herd of wild elk this side of the Mississippi, miles of towering trees, and rustic campsites along the way. You can spend an hour or several weeks on the trails that cut through Gaylord. Find the Otsego County Area hiking trails that will best fit your plans here.

More Northern Michigan Outdoors

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