Video: Spring Cherry Blossoms in Benzie County

Toss in those ear buds. Turn up your volume. Take a deep breath. Don’t forget to exhale! Now press play. It’s time to take a little video vacation to Benzie County. This week, Northern Michigan cherry blossoms are in full bloom. And boy, is it a site to see. It happens only once a year—a fleeting few days that come and go—so we must soak them in while we can.

Enjoy this MyNorth Media video of spring cherry blossoms in Benzie County, then head on outside and see them for yourself. We guarantee the smells are as pretty as the views!

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  • Lifeguide

    I used to pick those cherries as a kid for .50 a lug. I would average 8 lugs a day and thought I was rich. Growing up in this area one learned values and the work ethic that served me well the rest of my life. Thank you cherry trees!