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(Press Release provided by Leelanau Township Community Foundation)

NORTHPORT: Results from the latest Leelanau Township Community Foundation grant cycle that ended in April have been announced, with approval for grants totaling $103,674. This includes over $67,000 in grants from the General Endowment Fund and $4,650 in grants from the foundation’s Youth Advisory Council. Additional grants were made from funds administered by the Foundation including the Basil Antenucci Scholarship Fund, the Leelanau Township Health Care Fund, the Saving Birds Thru Habitat fund, the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Fund and the NCAC Endowment Fund.

The General Endowment Fund grants, which come from the foundation’s oldest fund include three grants to the Village of Northport:

  • $32,770 to assist with expanding the Nagonaba Trail
  • $3,500 for maintenance on the existing Nagonaba Trail
  • $1,000 to support another season for Cars in the Park

“Without the foundation’s grant the village trail project could not go forward,” says Village of Northport Trustee Phil Mikesell. “Foundation support for the trail project is a great example of private-public cooperation to improve the community.”

General Endowment Fund grants were also awarded to the Northport Promise, the Northport Public School, Leelanau Christian Neighbors Northport Food Pantry, the Northport Youth Sailing School and Saving Birds Thru Habitat.

  • $10,700 to the Northport Promise for promotion of a raffle of a Shelby Mustang GT350r.
  • $10,000 to Northport Public School for a solar project proposed by senior Caleb Brown. Brown has also received $16,000 in funding from Northport Public School.
  • $5,000 to Leelanau Christian Neighbors Northport Food Pantry.
  • $2,460 to the Northport Youth Sailing School for scholarships and equipment.
  • $1,755 to Saving Birds Thru Habitat for educational DVDs.
  • $1,000 to the Village of Northport for Cars in the Park.

In addition, there were four grants recommended by the foundation’s Youth Advisory Council which were approved.

  • $1,400 for the Northport Youth Sailing School for additional scholarships.
  • $2,500 to Northport Public School as additional support for the solar project mentioned above.
  • $450 to the Zonta Club of Leelanau County to help fund Zonta’s Annual Career Day for eighth grade girls. The Zonta Club grant was recommended and will be funded by the Youth Advisory Council.
  • $300 to Northport Public School, for a sports safety project proposed by senior Marcus Stowe, which will purchase safety gear headbands and a helmet for soccer players at the school.

“Without the foundation’s grant I wouldn’t be able to purchase headgear; which would result in more injuries for Northport athletes,” Stowe said. Stowe’s project started after one of his teammates suffered a season-ending concussion injury while another missed 12 games. The $600 project will be funded jointly by the foundation and by Northport Public School.

Other grants were awarded from other funds which are managed by the Foundation, and include:

  • $3,000 from the Basil Antenucci Scholarship Fund
  • $3,000 to Leelanau Township from the Leelanau Township Health Care Fund
  • $1,345 from the Saving Birds Thru Habitat fund
  • $621 from the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Fund
  • $23,873 from the NCAC Endowment Fund to Northport Public School for auditorium maintenance.


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Photo(s) by Leelanau Township Community Foundation