While Michigan eggs may be available year-round at the supermarket, they’re actually seasonal. And the protein-packed breakfast staple is in season now.

Birds lay eggs in the spring when there is longer daylight. The extended day length triggers physiological changes which tell birds it’s time to breed.

In Northern Michigan, there are lots of local farms with fresh eggs available for purchase onsite and at farmers markets. To get to know the chickens producing your breakfast, check out these Northern Michigan farms.

3rd Day Farm

3234 S. LaChance Rd. | Lake City

The chickens on this farm are raised without genetically modified feed with plenty of room to live a happy, healthy life. Contact 3rddayfarm@gmail.com.

9 Bean Rows Farmstead

5441 North Overlook Rd. | Northport

Dedicated to growing and making healthy and delicious food, 9 Bean Rows is a trusted, local favorite. Contact mo@9beanrows.com.

Bargy Farms

2946 US-31 South | Kewadin

There are no steroids, antibiotics or chemicals in these chickens, which are grain-fed with feed grown right on the farm. Contact suplbargy@hotmail.com.

Cook Family Farm

4282 Hayes Tower Rd. | Gaylord

About 500 free-range laying hens roam the farm eating a variety of greens and bugs. Happy hens, healthy eggs. Contact waneta@cookfamilyfarm.com or order a dozen eggs online.

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Photo(s) by Carly Simpson