President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sipped Northern Michigan wine at the White House Canadian State Dinner Thursday night. Chateau Chantal’s 2013 Ice Wine was served during the dessert course at the dinner, representing the only American ice wine on the table.

The Northern Michigan winery was contacted by White House food and beverage staff about a month ago, Marie-Chantal Dalese, President and CEO of Chateau Chantal, told us. They requested a sample of the vintage, known for it’s natural sweetness, fruitiness, and delicate characters of a Riesling wine. Within the past week, they were told their wine was selected from the nine ice wines sampled by Daniel Shanks, White House sommelier.

“This is just mind blowing almost! It’s an incredible honor, not only to be chosen amongst the nine wines from a professional wine taster, but then to be served to the president and the Canadian prime minister and all the other people at the dinner—it’s such an honor!” exclaimed Marie-Chantal Dalese.

northern michigan winePaired with maple pecan cake alongside a cocoa nib wafer and butterscotch swirl ice cream during the dessert course, guests enjoyed a blend of American and Canadian cuisine. Guests at the dinner included cabinet members, governors, senators, and celebrities such as Michael J. Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Sara Bareilles.

Only 100 cases of the Chateau Chantal Ice Wine 2013 were produced by the winery. And only 500 bottles are still available. The vintage can be purchased for $70 per half bottle and is packaged in a decorated wooden box. The Northern Michigan winery has already noticed a flux in internet sales, and expects the limited supply that’s left to sell out soon thanks to last night’s Presidential event.

“It’s a great thing for the state of Michigan to be represented at the White House,” Marie-Chantal Dalese says, and it’s a “big deal for our industry.”

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Photo(s) by Chateau Chantal